What is dos4gw?

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Dos4gw.exe is an executable file that contains dos extension codes.
This file is not it useful if you doubleclick it because it contains only
instructions for DOS.

Some emulators need dos4gw.exe to work because they
Are coded with dos4gw extension commands.

This means:

If you have downloaded an emulator (such as Massage) you
need the dos4gw.exe file. You have to download it
then cut it (by pressing CTRL+X when file marked) and
then paste it into the folder the emulator is located.
     If you're not shure how to do that click here to see instruction pictures

When you've done that the emulator should run without problems.
     You can download version 1.95 of dos4gw.exe here.

More info about dos4gw.exe:

Dos4gw is freeware but it's code is copyrighted by Rational Systems
This means you can download, distribute and use dos/4gw freely
as long as you don't alter the source code.



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