IMAGE: Outrun on MastersystemIMAGE: Outrun on Game Gear
Mastersystem versionGame Gear version

Download the Game "Outrun" for Mastersystem/Mark3
Download the Game "Outrun" for Game Gear
Get the cheat
Download the Emulator "Massage" to run these games

See a list of "Outrun" Games for other consoles
Download the 3 soundtracks in midi format


What is an emulator?
What is a rom file?
What is dos4gw?

  • Screenshots

  • *Outrunners* The last Sega Outrun Arcade
    The SEGA Arcade : "Outrunners"

  • Download the 3 soundtracks in midi format

    Outrun carPASSING BREEZE
    Outrun carSPLASH WAVE

  • Cheat

  • On the Start screen, press L+1+2+Start to stop the timer running out.
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