IMAGE: Phanatasy Star title image


More about the game
Download the Game "Phantasystar" for Mastersystem/Mark3
Download the Emulator "Massage" to run this game

See a list of "Phantasystar" Games for other consoles
Maps, Instructions and planettasklists for Phantasystar
Homepage with tips and Maps for Phantasystar 1, 2, 3 & 4
Download the title melody of Phantasystar in midi


What is an emulator?
What is a rom file?
What is dos4gw?

  • More about the game

  • Download the Japanese commercial for Phantasy Star on Master System
    Get the .RM file that requires
    Real player it's a [162 Kb] Zip
    IMAGE: Mastersystem with Phantasy Star

  • Get the Midi

  • Download the Phantasystar melody in midi            get other Phantasystar midis

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