IMAGE: RTYPE title image

?#060;/P> Download the Game "RTYPE" for Mastersystem/Mark3
Download the Emulator "Massage" to run this game

Download Savepositions (all stages and bosses)
Download 1st stage melody in midi
Hints and tips for bosses

See a list of "RTYPE" Games for other consoles
Link: to RTYPE page
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What is an emulator?
What is a rom file?
What is dos4gw?

  • Download the Rtype melody

  • get the
    Rtype midi

  • Hints and tips for bosses

  • in order that you dont get blast at the end of a stage, having to collect all powerup items again,
    I decided to build up this section with images and tips telling were exactly you should hit'em.

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    IMAGE: First boss - Blast the green head at the middle.

    IMAGE: Second boss - Destroy everyting on the mothership.

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