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Codes - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Game Gear

from Susan Feuer (
For every 2nd act on Sonic 2, there are secret crystals that will get you 3 extra lives. You usually have to find them between gnooks and crannies. When you die and get a GAME OVER, it will ask you if you would like to continue. Then it will let you play again with 3 lives to start with on the same level you died on.

Level Select
When the Sega logo appears, hold Down-Left + 1 + 2 + Start. Continue holding these buttons until the intro screen appears and a chime sounds three times. Release everything and press Start to display the level select menu. Use Up and Down to select a level and press Button 2 to begin play.

Unlimited Lives
There are two 1-ups in Act 1 of the Sky Hill Zone. To get to the first one, pass the bridge, jump over the two sets of spikes, ignore the Ring Monitor and the spring. Finally, jump over one more set of spikes to grab the 1-up. Go back and jump on the spring, then walk into the horizontal spring, which will roll you through the bricks. You'll reach two more springs. Jump on the vertical spring, and you see another spring. Jump on this one, and hold left on the directional pad until you see a patch of ground with Christmas trees in the background. You'll then see another 1-up. Take it, let yourself die, and then repeat this process until you max out on lives
Don't mess with Sonic's Speed on SMS (Picture)

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